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Update Notes

MEPS HC-038: 1999 Full Year Consolidated Data

Update #9: 11/22/13

STATA Programming Statements have been added.

Update #8: 12/12/07

The variable FOODCT99 on the HC-038 data file should not be used because it is based on an invalid question in the survey instrument. This question asks "About how much did the family pay each month for food stamps?" when in fact, as of 1979, the food stamp program no longer maintained a purchase requirement. All responses are considered invalid.

Update #7: 09/30/03

The HC-038 document file has been updated to reflect the following changes:  edits to the document text describing Health Insurance Eligibility Units (sections 2.5.1 and 3.4) and health status variables (section 2.5.10), and several minor edits to other sections of the document. 

Update #6: 05/06/03 

To construct a weight for use in analysis using Health Insurance Eligibility Units (HIEUs):

  1. Identify the HIEU head by your analytic intent, i.e. if only studying heath insurance unit with female heads of households, choose the female adult as head of household.

  2. If the weight of the HIEU head is non-zero, use the weight of the HIEU head for all members of that HIEU; or

  3. If the weight of the HIEU head is zero, delete the case.

Update #5: 04/18/03

The HC-038 document has been updated to include the following information. There was an error in editing the variables PLYLIM42, CANTPL42, and SPCPRO42 and the data for these variables are incorrect on this file and should not be used. If you want to use any of these variables then you must re-edit PLYLIM42, CANTPL42, and SPCPRO42 according to the updated documentation instructions for these variables in the paragraph Play Limitations (Children Age 4 and under) in Section Children's Health Status. That is:

If a person aged 4 or under had no activity limitations (i.e., LIMACT42=2), then PLYLIM42, CANTPL42, and SPCPRO42 should be recoded to -1 (Inapplicable).

Update #4: 02/28/03

The Medicaid variables


also include those identified as covered by State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Update #3: 12/13/02

The HC-038 data file, document and codebook files have been updated to reflect a correction to the value of the HIEUD variable, as well as renaming that variable to HIEUIDX. The change in value for this variable did not change the configuration of any HIEUID, only the ID number assigned to it.

Update #2: 11/25/02

The HC-038 data, codebook, document and SAS User files were updated to reflect the following changes:

  1. Three variables were renamed: SCLNDB31 renamed to SCLNBD31, SCLNDB42 renamed to SCLNBD42, SCLNDB53 renamed to SCLNBD53. There was no change to the values for these variables.

  2. Correction to label for variable HIEUD, to delete "ROUND 1"; the correct label is 'HIEU IDENTIFIER". There was no change to the values for this variable.

  3. For the Access/Satisfaction variables, ACCELI42--OTHRPR42, the value of -3 NO DATA IN ROUND was recoded to the value of -1 INAPPLICABLE.

  4. In the document file, H38DOC, the only change was to page D-1, to reflect the correction to the DESCRIPTION of the variable HIEUID.

Update #1: 10/11/02

The PDF version of the HC-038 codebook has been replaced with the final version which reflects several minor differences from the version dated July 24, 2002 (i.e., minor edits to formats, variable labels, and variable positions for several variables).

This update does not affect the ASP version of the codebook file, nor any of the HC-038 data files.

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