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The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) is a set of large-scale surveys of families and individuals, their medical providers, and employers across the United States. MEPS is the most complete source of data on the cost and use of health care and health insurance coverage. Learn more about MEPS.

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MEPS Topics
bullet Access to Health Care bullet Health Insurance bullet Prescription Drugs
bullet Children's Health bullet Medical Conditions bullet Projected Data/Expenditures
bullet Children's Insurance Coverage bullet Medicare/Medicaid/SCHIP bullet Quality of Health Care
bullet Elderly Health Care bullet Men's Health bullet State and Metro Area Estimates
bullet Health Care Costs/Expenditures bullet Mental Health bullet The Uninsured
bullet Health Care Disparities bullet Obesity bullet Women's Health
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What's New Highlights
Analytical Tools
New interface for redesigned MEPS tables is now live! AHRQ has redesigned the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) Household Component summary tables to be more user friendly. The interface has been revamped to make navigation easier through multiple queries. New features include the ability to view trends over time, automated plot generation, and R and SAS code to replicate the selected tables. The online summary tables now provide an interactive platform that allows users to quickly access summary estimates at the national level on household medical utilization and expenditures, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, health insurance coverage, access to care and satisfaction with care, medical conditions, and prescribed medicine purchases.

The MEPS summary tables have been updated with 2016 data.

New Publications
Research Findings 43: Average Annual Opioid Use among Adults Treated for Conditions Associated with Chronic Pain versus Other Conditions, 2013-2015 Based on pooled data for 2013-2015 from the Household Component of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS-HC), this Research Findings report examines the extent of opioid use among adults in the civilian noninstitutionalized population by selected medical condition groupings. In particular, persons treated for conditions associated with chronic pain are compared to persons treated for other types of conditions. The results provide baseline data that can help inform patients, providers, and policymakers as they continue to monitor the effects of the opioid crisis and the impacts of efforts to address it.

Upcoming Events
Registration is now OPEN for the MEPS One-Day Data Users' Workshop, September 23, 2019, Rockville, MD. More details. . .

New Data
The MEPS HC-201: 2017 Full Year Consolidated File contains variables pertaining to survey administration, demographics, income, person-level conditions, health status, disability days, quality of care, employment, health insurance, and person-level medical care use and expenditures. This file consolidates all of the final 2017 person-level variables onto one file.

The MEPS HC-036: 1996-2017 Pooled Linkage Variance Estimation File provides combined variance stratum and PSU variables for use with pooled data from the MEPS Full Year 1996-2017 public use files.

The MEPS HC-036BRR: 1996-2017 Replicates for Variance Estimation File provides balanced repeated replication (BRR) half-sample indicators for variance estimation for use with pooled or individual year data from the MEPS Full Year 1996-2017 public use files.

The MEPS HC-197A: 2017 Prescribed Medicines File provides detailed information on household-reported prescribed medicines for a nationally representative sample of the civilian noninstitutionalized population of the U.S. and can be used to make estimates of the prescribed medicine utilization and expenditures for calendar year 2017.

The MEPS HC-198: 2017 Food Security File consists of MEPS survey data obtained in Round 4 of Panel 21 and Round 2 of Panel 22, in calendar year 2017, and contains variables pertaining to food security.

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